About Us

IYU SAILCLOTH began to supply normal polyester patch cloth
for sailmakers in Hong Kong and China during 1985.

These included windsurfing, kitesuring, training, and Hot sails in Winlok Sailmaker.

Our years of experience in sailcloth production has allowed us to understand sailmaer’ needs and the insufficiencies of the sailmaking technology during our time.

With our experience and knowledge, we advanced our technique and developed high tenacity polyester with Gaastra Sails and sailmaking industry in 2000-2003.

Our high tenacity polyester has become
the new standard in the sailmaking industry.

Later on, we continued to promote our sailmaking service worldwide and prioritized on the research and development of new fabrics. In order to accommodate the wide range of fabrics used in yacht sails, windsurfing and kitesurfing, we produced high tenacity woven, low-aspect style fabric coated with double sided UV2. This new product developed in 2010 is used for all-purpose economical sails such as yachts, tall ships and classic old timers. Similarly, in 2005, we explored the field of water sports and developed canopy and darcon fabrics.

IYU Sailcloth continues to push the boundaries in diverse industries: sailcloth production, accessories and hardware, along with a wide range of products for yachting, windsurfing and kitesurfing.

Other than research and development, we also value collaboration. Establishing strong business partnerships strengthens our ability to provide high end service for our customers and provide effective solutions based on our years of expertise and knowledge.